PeraltaCoffees operates 2 milling facilities "Don Octavio" and "San Ignacio" both located in the outskirts of the town of Mozonte, Nueva Segovia.

Don Octavio mill os certified Rain Forest Alliance. Organic and Fair trade to service our cooperative clients. At Don Octavio Parchment is all patio dried.

San Ignacio mill is at a facility exclusively used for the process of micro lots and certified RA coffees from the Family Farms. Here, micro lots can either be dried inside pur 1000 square meter climate controlled green house on raised beds, or on traditional concrete patios for the larger lots.


Peralta coffees has stablished mechanisms for pre-harvest and harvest financing for small producers and cooperatives. We have been granted 3 credit facilities, totaling 5 million dollars from local and international financial institutions.


We provide highly specialized export services that range from full container loads to vacuum packed micro lots individually labeled and boxed to satisfy the needs of high end Speciallty coffee markets.


The backbone of our operation is that quality is our number one priority. The Quality-Control department is run Marilec Sevilla and her competent staff.

Marilec is a seasoned certified Q grader with over 10 years of experience working in Nicaragua and other origins.