The Peralta Family coffee growing history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century; but it was until 2008 that we started focusing on developing new ways to market our coffees to international specialty coffee markets.

We currently process and export all of our production to specialty markets around the world and also provide financing, milling, quality control, export and consulting services to other small and medium farms and cooperatives from different regions of Nicaragua.


Build and effective origin supply chain of high quality specialty coffees based on collaboration, traceability and transparency rather than the traditional trade model of "buying low and selling high". Because of our farmer background. We base our daily work believing that first step towards sustainability is allowing farmers to participate in the trade process as close as possible to the point of export. We envision our company as a service collaborator for processing, quiality control and export services as well advising farmers on new market trends, and encouraging farmers to engage directly with their buyers.