Quality Control and Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance and quality control to coffee producers from the region, ranging from small individual farmers to Cooperative groups to facilitate the trade.



Our drying and processing facilities at “Beneficios” Don Octavio and San Ignacio are located in the outskirts of the town of Mozonte. The location of these dry mills provides ideal weather conditions for natural sun drying as well as state-of-the-art equipment for specialty coffee processing.


Export Services

We provide highly specialized export services that range from full container loads to vacuum packed micro lots individually labeled and boxed to satisfy the needs of high end Speciallty coffee markets.

About us

Peralta's Heritage

The Peralta family’s coffee tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Our farms are located in the Dipilto and Jalapa mountain range (Cordillera Dipilto y Jalapa) in the department of Nueva Segovia at altitudes ranging from 1150 to 1600 MASL. The high altitude and favorable climate produces some of the best specialty coffees in Nicaragua.

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Our Farms
Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
La Argentina

Finca La Argentina is our oldest family farm, located in the Dipilto municipality of Nueva Segovia on the Dipilto and Jalapa mountain range. Most of La Argentina’s 75 hectares are planted with excellent cup quality yielding varieties such as: Java, Bourbon tekisic, Maracaturra, SL28, SL34, Catuai and Caturra.

Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
La Cascada

Finca La Cascada translates to “the waterfall farm”. That is not without a reason. Six streams and an impressive waterfall run down this coffee farm, eventually leading into the wild El Volcan River. The farm starts at 1170 MASL and runs all the way up to 1300 MASL. With a total area of 72 hectares, this is quite an impressive farm. Varieties to be found here are Caturra, Maracaturra and Java.

San Fernando, Nueva Segovia
El Bosque

North east of La Cascada in the municipality of San Fernando northeast of Dipilto, there lies El Bosque, a 42 hectare farm planted with 100% Arabica excellent cupping varieties. The farm stretches out over 3 long hillsides, of which one goes up to 1560 MASL. The farm plot on top is named ‘Las Nubes’ meaning ‘The Clouds’. El Bosque is a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farm and produces exclusively shade grown coffee.

San Fernando, Nueva Segovia
Santa Maria de Lourdes

Out of all the Peralta family farms, Santa Maria is always the last one to finish harvesting all its coffee, with a harvest starting in January and going on all the way up until April. Finca Santa Maria de Lourdes has 32 hectares of coffee area. While the majority of the production is Caturra, you will also find Catuai, Tekisit, Maracaturra, Pacamara, Red Bourbon and Java growing here.

San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Finca Samaria is a beautiful estate at the end of the road going from the town of San Fernando north towards the border with Honduras. The different farm plots are separated and maintained well, making use of shade trees native to the area, and growing different varieties. This farm mainly grows Caturra and Catuai, as well as smaller plots of Red Bourbon, Pacamara, and Java.



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